Social Impact Measurement & Management Platform for Social Enterprise and Nonprofit

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Are you a social enterprise or a nonprofit? Are you looking for the Social Impact Assessment of your program? Do you deliver products or services to improve the lives of your community members? Chances are that the demonstrating impact of your programs is very time consuming and complex. You collect data from different stakeholders and sources using both online and offline data collection tools. You collect the data in a spreadsheet or an external system and perform data clean up. You aggregate data on multiple spreadsheets. You create visualizations to demonstrate success using different tools such as Google Sheets, Tableau, et cetera. This process can quickly become overwhelming, complex and expensive. It can get very hard to derive insights from the collected data to improve your programs and report to your funders and donors. Welcome to a better way to collect, manage, analyze, and report on the impact data. We call it Impact Cloud. With Impact Cloud you can integrate any online and offline data collection tool for seamless data collection, set up indicators that aggregate all your data in alignment with sustainable development goals or your organizational goals. Analyze and SDG Reporting in different ways to monitor or communicate your results to funders or to the world. It gets better. Our cloud platform is easy to use and requires minimum configuration. You just collect the data, and we do the rest.

Impact Measurement Framework
Theory of Change, Impact Management Project-Based Impact Strategy

Metrics Repository
Search and assign metrics to your projects or programs from the largest metric repository on the internet!
Offline Data - Mobile Data Collection
Online & Offline Mobile Data Collection
Seamless integration with survey management, ODK Data, KoboToolbox

Online and offline Survey
Use our online survey to collect your data or import your data from your favorite offline survey in minutes.

Impact Data Management
Self-report your results or summarize your data from multiple stakeholders and systems. Link your results to your metrics.

Lean Data Analysis
Continuous Learning & Improvement
Dashboards, quick analytics, stories, and outcome visualizations in a single location.

Funder Specific Reporting
Report outcome and beneficiary improvement to your investors using data, charts, stories, and images.

Designed for decentralized organizations
Role-specific data management
Assign projects to roles or users for field data management.

Manage all impact data in single a cloud
Build a Theory of Change for each project or program
Manage all your projects or programs
Collect and analyze data from each project or program

Aggregate from any impact data sources

Lean Data Analytics
Perform advanced data analytics without complexity.
Compare multiple projects or programs based on common metrics.

Actionable Impact Scorecard
Align reporting requirements for each program
Design data collection to match reporting requirements
Communicate impact effectively and build a long term strategy and plan for a success

Impact dashboard & Impact Reporting
Connect with funders to communicate your impact seamlessly.
Create reports showcasing your ToC results, SDG alignment, Impact Management Project alignment, and Grant Performance Management.
Share your impact stories on social media or on your website.

Certified SROI Application
An innovative approach to management stakeholders results and calculate results

Designed based on 7 Principles of SROI